How does it work?

Our friends from Africa will create a memorable video gift for your special occasion. Here's how to use our service:

  1. Add your favorite song, or let us pick one for you. Our friends from Africa will dance to the beautiful music.🎶

  2. Think of 2-4 sentences that our friends will say. These will be written on a blackboard and combined with the dance and music.🖍

  3. Tell us the exact content you want our friends to say. 🗣️ (Please keep the content clear).

  4. Add a photo of the person you want to surprise, and we'll use it in the video. 📷

  5. Once the video is completed, we'll send it to your email within 1-2 days.💌 (Please check your junk mail folder)

Let our friends from Africa provide a memorable gift for your celebration or special occasion. We look forward to serving you!